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The Shack Raft is Underway

5 platforms 3' x 4.5' - built this size to fit in my car. All from salvaged wood, cut, sanded with one coat of finishing wax (may add another). It's wonderful what a little TLC can do.

Laid out together before additional sanding with finer grain sandpaper: 9' x 9' - this will be the base of the shack raft I'm constructing. I now need to create pontoons for the base, an under structure to secure them in place as well contribute to holding the platform sections together, and build a shelter onto the base platform.

I had already salvaged a bunch of boards - as posted earlier on the blog - but didn't have enough to complete five sections, so returned to the dumpsters. 

Performance as Social Practice Workshop

On Thursday, June 22 from 7-10pm I'm giving a Performance as Social Practice Workshop @VisArts! 
After a brief introduction on performance art, we’ll explore in more detail how performance art translates into a social practice – focusing specifically on the relational stream of performance art.
We’ll discuss how the following considerations help to shape the social experience and influence the degree to which participants are invested in a piece: defining your audience, forms of participation, awareness of site, duration, presence and safety. We’ll also discuss the importance of documentation and consider different methods for documenting this art form.

Please wear comfortable clothes.
Follow this link to sign up:

Completing the Life Ring

Completing the Life Vest

I had been looking for an appropriate material for it and was pleased to find this motorcycle cover blowing around a parking lot. I asked the local businesses if it belonged to them and they all encouraged me to take it.

Although this pic doesn't really show - it was pretty dirty and smelled like mud - so the first step was to wash it.

Here's where this piece started:

Life Ring and Buoys

The life ring is starting to take shape! I found this styrofoam in a dumpster and thought I could use it to make a life ring. The image on the right shows the life ring in progress - had cut pieces to shape and glued to together as needed.

Making some small buoys to potentially attached to a net. Think I'll need more than four...

Salvage to Rope

processing materials and speed drawing in space 

Driving at night last week I saw something that looked like fish netting, so pulled over to check it out and was delighted by this find. Someone was getting rid of an old hammock! When I got it back to the studio and unrolled it, I was somewhat surprised by the condition - it was still in tact - the rope still strong although it was dusty and looked like it may have been on the ground for a while.
I may use it to make a net - as you can see the way hammocks are made, or this one at least - wouldn't work for a net, so I'll need to take it apart and see what rope amounts from it.

This was the amount of rope after 1/2 of the hammock had been undone.