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Call for Participants!

Calling for people to participate in 
a performance action! 

on SUNDAY, AUGUST 20th from 1PM to 3PM


For those who have your own life jacket, life ring, inner tube, body board, or any other flotation device, please bring it along. And for those without, Tidal Basin Paddle Boats has generously offered to lend life jackets to 10 participants!

As thanks for participating, ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY 5x7 PHOTOGRAPH documenting the performance action, which will be mailed out after the documentation has been sorted and selections printed.

Participants are encouraged to dress comfortably and wear walking shoes. We will be walking at our own pace as a group and taking regular breaks. Light snacks will be provided.

Please message me directly for more information and/or to let me know you want to participate!

This performance action will be the capstone of my four-month Fleur and Charles Bresler Residency at VisArts, whose goal is to provide a unique opportunity for a dynamic artist to create a new body of work in a stimulating, supportive environment.

“An inventory of boogie boards, a rescue ring, a shack raft, and lifesaving vests is growing in Katie Kehoe’s studio at VisArts. Along with transforming raw materials into sea-worthy flotation devices, she is starting conversations. Her work addresses big issues -- sustainability, shifting shorelines, rising sea levels -- but she encourages discussions by gently disrupting the ordinary and generously including everyone. She is an artist for the 21st century.”  
(Susan Main, Director of Exhibitions and Residencies, VisArts)

Much thanks in advance to VisArts for their support,  Susanna Lee @Soozlee, for documenting, Adrian Moens for documenting and Tidal Basin Paddle Boats for lending life jackets!
about me: (Born in Canada) I work predominantly in performance, interdisciplinary sculpture and drawing, and often incorporate duration, site-specificity, photography and video as defining artistic elements. I completed my MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Maryland (2011); and formerly completed the Canadian Film Center Media Lab’s Interactive Art and Entertainment Program, Toronto, Canada (2007); and earned a BA Honors from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Canada (2002). My work has been presented across Canada and the U.S. and reviewed by critics such as Gary Michael Dault in The Globe and Mail, Becky Hunter in Art Papers Magazine and Eames Armstrong in Performa Magazine. Later this month, I'll be performing in the Performance Art Festival (PAF) in Pittsburgh, PA and this fall, will be presenting on Socially Engaged Art at Teaching Social Practice, a conference organized by Ellen Muller at UMASS; and will begin adjunct teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and George Mason University.


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On Friday, July 14, I walked around Jefferson Memorial for three hours carrying a life ring. My original intention for the performance actions in my Provisions for Buoyancy series, is to walk in parts of Washington, D.C. that would be flooded if the sea level were to rise by 5-6 feet, while carrying a provision for buoyancy that I made out of refuse materials. Unfortunately, if the sea level were to rise by that amount, this historic site would be flooded.  You can see, as I did, by consulting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) online Sea Level Rise Viewer.
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